Dining Table

Somehow my world collapsed at that old oak table that was polished with tales passed from previous generation and tears wept before me. I remember how welcoming the sun felt that morning. It seemed to even entice the wilted roses that had cried to the skies for a mere drop of liquid life to drop from above. I knew how those that shared blood with me that were partaking in this meal instilled bravery into my hungry soul, the same bravery that Stevie Wonder must have to darkly walk to place his unarmed fingers onto an instrument that he himself can’t see but we see him and only him through it. I can recount how many times I thought these people were able to know what cells of mine were dividing…adenosine to thymine, guanine to cytosine, they were able to determine when that neuron fired in my head that allowed the tender satisfaction of air to enter into my lungs. But yet an apocalyptic essence had in cloaked them more powerful than a mother’s attachment to her unborn fetus. They who shared a common name were deaf to my unspoken words and blind to my masquerade of false joy. I had lost that I thought was love. I wanted, no needed, no thirst for those who embodied the same genetic code to take a glance and know the novel of my mind. In an instance my heart’s truth spoke and asked for them to bear this thorn. I required them to hear the scope of my vision. I eloped for their olfactory bulb to brighten like a lighthouse at my sour and salty thoughts. Since my sight of reality had hiccupped my survival depended on their eyes which at my time of need had become dark misty orbs of glaucoma which was only alert to just a faded sight of my presence. Suddenly my lungs rejected my whim to live and became enraged by flames which seemed to smile from bringing my anxiety from beyond the grave. So when my ears began to itch and I became conscious that I had become miss looked for receiving a meal while others free fully began to conquer the steaming plates before them the ground below me had shattered. So now that world I had once known is gone, I have placed behind cold steel bars to protect me from what is to come.


Free food plus WiFi equals Karl's presence.