Dear Internet

The internet is either a galaxy full of people with severe head trauma (a community in which I look up to for their great strength) or full of the most common element on this planet…stupidity. There seems to be an embellishment on terms of abuse such as bullying or hating. Which yes does exist but has been announced in the news lately more than Caitlyn Jenner or a world crisis. Can it merely be the person who commented on someone’s work has some truth in their criticism? I wouldn’t have known that I can’t dance if it wasn’t for others observations of the awkward body movements I claimed were dance moves. But no this generation believes in this fallacy that anything that’s even one percent not positive is a form of bullying and must seek immediate therapy from WebMD. Has someone commented on your vlog that maybe you should find a different topic for your YouTube career? They must be immediately banned, spammed, and punished to the highest degree. How dare they have an opinion and be open to share it expressing their constitutional rights! And before any of the readers of this say “I don’t need any negativity in my life,” open another tab on your browser and look up narcissism. If you aren’t sure if you have it or not just question if you’re offended by this piece, if the answer is yes then please unplug your internet connection now and read Loser by Jerry Spinelli or The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Maybe then you will understand the true meaning of your false accusations.