What You Need To Hear

Right now I am, we are, meditating on writing. 

What we have to say, no one has ever said so fearlessly, so passionately, so eloquently.

What we have to say deserves ink, deserves breath and deserves recognition. 

We have all the ink we need and our hands have all the strength they need. We have all of the words we need and the punctuation has all the force it needs to say what we have to say. 

We have all the bravery we need to cry, to scream, to whisper and we courageously acquiesce to the demands of what leaks onto the page. 

Our sadnesses are the deepest sadnesses and compare to the sadnesses of others only in that they also deserve space on the page. 

Our happinesses seek expression not to gloat, but to make a connection with others’ happinesses. 

We write about our past, we write about our future. It is exactly what we need to write about. 

We write about our lovers, our families. It is exactly what we need to write about. 

What you write empowers me to go there, gives me the permission to try not holding back and see how it feels, how it sounds. 

What I write doesn’t compare to what you write but joins the beautiful chorus of thoughts that married ink and birthed words. 

We write because we’re writers—we have to write. 
We read because we’re readers—we have to read. 

We write. And we read.