No More Engineers

My only true romantic relationships have been with intelligent, geeky guys that both wanted to go into some form of engineering. Both times I (wrongly) assumed that IQ correlated with common sense. These men could solve impossible equations, build computers out of abandoned parts, and were in many honor courses. But when it came to treating women, they needed to be enrolled in remedial courses. 

Both times I initially thought I had landed good men with high career ambitions that would love to have an equally ambitious, creative woman by their side. And what's better than having a nerdy "Mr. Fix-It" around?

From my experience, anything else. 

The first one insulted my intelligence, watched as his friends tore apart my career ambitions, blatantly told me I should be "smarter" than to practice my non-denominational Christian faith and that Catholicism was the dominant Christian practice. He also came to the conclusion that apples had too many carbs in them and refused to eat anything, claiming he had to cut back on eating to gain more muscle. The lack of common sense and courtesy was astounding. 

The second one was salutatorian in his senior class that was accepted into one of the state's top engineering schools. He studied mechanical engineering, built many beautiful things, and worked out. Yet he could never understand that an improper response to "I'm that awkward weight that isn't fat or skinny." is "Why don't you just lose ten pounds then?" and saying that watching a League of Legends tournament with his best friends was more important than spending time with his long-distance girlfriend somehow wasn't an immediate deal breaker.

Though I have sworn to never kiss another engineer, I can't help but wonder if I'll be doomed to fall for another. 

Third time's the charm. 


Gretchen Gales is currently too busy with her writing career to give her valuable time to men that won't give her the time of day in return. When she isn't recording her misadventures in love and avoiding passing the School of Engineering, she writes about other things on her website and runs On the Grid Zineputting mental health awareness on the map.