Who Hired This Lady?

We all go through that phase full of angst at some point in our lives, and for me it happened in middle school. I was the quiet girl that played the clarinet in band and always had a stack of books in my arms. To say the least, I wasn’t very popular. Among my unpopular group of friends though, I was the popular one. I was the only one allowed out of the house in the mornings wearing either Tripp pants, bright, colorful stockings, and with some black lipstick to match. I was also the only one that was allowed to get away with dying my hair all sorts of crazy colors. I was basically your average, mid 2000’s, scene-bean. My most memorable year of middle school was 7th grade. That was the year that my unique style really hit its peak, it was also the year that Twilight gained national popularity. Being who we were, my friends and I were naturally obsessed. If I had the chance to relate something to the series, I was going to. One day in my English class we got an assignment that I properly won’t forget until dementia sets in. We had to come up with a sentence that had certain components to it, and naturally, I quoted Twilight, my teacher apparently wasn’t checking for plagiarism on that day because she didn’t realize what I had done. I don’t remember what line of the book I had quoted, but I did get me a one way ticket to the counselor’s office. The counselor basically told me that I was depressed and the proceeded to try and “fix” me in any way that she saw fit. She refused to listen to me, even after I told her it had just been a quote from a popular book. The rest of that year consisted of weekly meetings with the counselor and my parents yelling at me for getting into the situation.