Two Flames

Oh how I wish I could tell you, 
Of the times long past,
The things I said that were true,
But I can’t because it always happened so fast,

From one home to another,
One illness to the other, 
Crisis to crisis,
Flames go from dim to dimmer,

It wasn’t always like this,
We never worried about money,
We never worried about pills,
We never worried about the dark,

I had you, 
You had me,
We had each other,
Two flames in the void,

But one day,
Things changed,
Whether it was the cold wind,
Or the toll of a thousand sicknesses,

I don’t know anymore,
How we arrived on this far and lonely shore,
Was it really just me all along? 
Or did two warriors meet in battle that day?
I guess it doesn’t matter, 
Because when we channel the tides,
Of hatred and blame, 
Only dark will remain,

I know you’ve struggled,
Your blood clings to my very being,
Your sweat haunts my dreams,
Your screams echo in the void,

You gave me it all, 
Without me you would’ve had everything, 
But you gave it up for me,
Your dreams and hopes,
All I want is for you to be free,
Of the burden that is me, 

So I get angry, 
Living in a world that hates me, 
The nightmarish visions of people long dead,
Or those that I see falling away,
You may think I hate you,
But there’s no one that I hate,
More than the person that would cause you such pain,

When you cry I know it’s my fault,
When your stomach was empty,
I was the thief in the vault,
I was the one who took your fields of plenty,
I am tired, 
So tired,
Of taking advantage of those I care about,
So I say nothing, 
Shut myself away, 
Allowing my light to dim against the dark,

What is there for me to do?
I see every day,
That I kill you,
More and more,
Your light is fading,
And I am the void.