Tone and Attentiveness

Right now I am thinking of how many times Jim and I get in annoying and petty disagreements over the tone of my voice. The argument usually starts when I hear his booming question (coming from another room) asking me to reply to his question or pay attention right now, or come to where he is: "You treat me like I am a bother and I didn't like your tone!" I usually reply, "Sorry, but I was concentrating on something else that has nothing to do with you." (Then all hell breaks loose.)

Each day, I seek and ask for G.O.D. (Good Orderly Direction) to help me stop, or pause and be patient, and to communicate in a more even, calm, tone - even though I am usually in the middle of a deadline, or trying not to be interrupted, while I am on the toilet, while I am on the phone with someone else, or while I am in the middle of an email or text, while I am in the next room journaling, while I am watching TV, etc.and my beloved shouts a question and I don't answer fast enough.

If Jim doesn't like my response or my lack of attentiveness, I can hear him yell like a toddler crying for attention, from another room or behind a door that is slamming shut, sometimes followed by: "#$%$@%@!" or he shouts: "Come here! I cannot hear you when you are in another room!" ...("Yes, I heard HIM perfectly well! But HOW should I respond to THAT!)


Margaret is a writer, who does not like interruptions.