Right now I am a creator. Not only am I creating this writing, in my mind I am creating thoughts. I am thinking things like no other will ever be able to think. Ideas that will be in my mind only. Like a snowflake, there is only one of me in every trillion humans. Not even that many of me. Never will anyone be like me, I am flawed like no other, I am unique. I am self taught to be amazing, self created to be different. People call it staring but i like to call it observing other's beauty. I may look into your eyes to find what makes them beautiful, I may stare at your hair to find the beauty, I am a creator of stories so I must find your story. This is not a gift it is not anything wonderful. I am just like everyone else, just look deeper to find your creation.


I am a 10 year old writer who has always been awarded for my writing. Teachers sometimes read my writings out at my school (I am in the 5th grade). I have been taking RYW for a few years now and enjoy it.