The Fall of Skeletor


I have little patience for those that are condescending, rude, or have a a heightened sense of entitlement or believe themselves to be among the elite. In the writing world, there is an inflation of egotistical assholes that have somehow gotten to the conclusion that their writing style is the only acceptable method of fine writing. A prime example was in my writing class for college over the summer. I called her Skeletor because she was bony and thin, and was generally unpleasant to be around. She happily disclosed her qualifications for the class, claiming that she had written articles and papers about the aesthetics of  50 Shades of Grey and was, in her own words, "really good at it."

She informed me that my writing was not realistic enough, regardless of the fact I quoted it word for word from my own life. She attributed my amateur writing skills to my young age. She loved crossing out sentences and replacing them with her own revised version, that was clearly better than anything the other writers had written. My rough drafts barely had a chance before being ripped apart by aggressive pen marks, rewritten paragraphs, and 'NO' written everywhere. Needless to say that did not do anything to improve the quality of anyone's work. Her presence sucked the entire class into a wormhole of hell for almost three hours. The angst-filled 24 year-old perceived herself as the alpha female, but everyone else begged to differ. Skeletor had plans to dominate our writing world, and someone had to stop her. 

It was towards the end of the course and everyone was reading their final products. 

"The stupid colored table, the stupid colored chair-" she began reading her story with enthusiasm and great pride. As her villainous soliloquy rambled on and on for 15 pages, I prepared for battle. When it was time for comments and suggestions, I had my statement prepared.

"I don't recall the color 'stupid' being in the rainbow." I said with a grin. 

"...Yeah. I should probably fix that." she replied, defeated. 

Don't be a Skeletor. Your villainy will never take you far. 


Gretchen is an assistant editor and staff writer for Quail Bell Magazine. She is studying to be an English teacher  to equip all students with the ability to battle the Skeletors of the world. Follow her writing adventures at