“Yes I’m a nice person.” That is the most deceiving sentence in any language or dialect. Who was the one that stood upon the earth and stared down upon all the curiosity filled Homo sapiens and dictated such a loaded characteristic? At which moment did a primer dictate mRNA to stop transcribing to ensure this embryo would genetically become so pleasant that their breath would enlighten the olfactory bulb to wisp of rose hips and lavender? Somewhere out there a child is being excluded because of social norms. Social norms that rule who is “nice”, “sweet”, or “kind”. Social norms that say “Hey, I see your father has abandoned you but that it isn’t ok to be angry.” Or no despite your self-hate and inability to love yourself we expect you to know how to love, cherish, admire, and uphold others who can’t differentiate between you and some other. Do YOU know how that child feels? I envision this child feels trapped inside an enclosed test tube slowly being dilated with water, and love being baking soda….each time this child finally catches a gram of love it simply bubbles away. Anything near, bubbles away, anything dear, bubbles away, all that is left are two hands cupped for what was once there. This child wishes it could see a world of enrichment that warms their vision and their hearts. They wish they could taste harmonious sounds. This child isn’t just one child…it’s an orphanage. An orphanage that can be seen in any city, town, or country wandering for something that gives them self-worth so they won’t…no don’t need to lash out for attention. This lashing someone deemed as being “not a nice person.” A nice person would never give themselves such a label, their ears can see the falsehood in such a perception. A nice person could never accept such a title because they know they must improve. So which kind of person are you? 


Karl enjoys seeing the world behind a laptop. It's safer that way.