The gun jammed.
Just like I’d been rejected from eight colleges, death noted I wasn’t worth the effort. 
“We are not accepting applications for individual suicides at this time.
Please check with human resources at a later date or join a mass suicide attempt in order to gain consideration.”
There was no “thanks for your patience” or “our apologies for the inconvenience.”
There was only silence and shock, and a bullet that rejected me like everything else.

Now what?


Leighton Meyers is a native to the southwest United States with a weakness for good characters and stray cats. Leighton loves to write disquieting pieces that bond art with "untouchable" subjects such as sexual assault and addiction. She has had poetry published in Torrid Literature Journal and Five Poetry Magazine, fiction published in Heater Magazine, and nonfiction published on the website for the London School of Liberal Arts.