Meditating Through Dog Farts

What are those cats doing in my yard?

Bird hunting no doubt. Little dog watches the cats across the street from the window daily for hours on end; and for the most part of their day and their play they stay away at home....across the street. 

On this particular glorious morning as I sit to practice meditating, my guided meditation apps fails me - so I go at it alone. Counting breaths, raining in thoughts and then it happens - The undeniable dog fart!

I think to myself if I can breathe my way through this then I can get through anything - and I do.

Breathing, counting.... I feel my mind begin to do the cool thing that keeps bringing me back.

But no....
Another dog butt bomb...
Be here now and I am here in it now.

This too passes and mind starts the internal recalibration again...kind of a hum, vibration, hemi-sync-

Like a good high but better-
Like a mind massage

I want to stay in this place...
But in undeniable dog decibels the window warrior informs me of the intruders....

What are those cats doing in my yard?


Kim doesn't like shoes much.