the ride of my life

Life changing, constantly moving, revolving on its own axis. Turning, sometimes upside-down but ever moving into "your" future. Life is in a constant flux - even when we try to deceive ourselves into thinking "our" life is stagnant, in a rut, boring, never changing and ALWAYS the same? No, it must be changing just as "we" must move forward. We age. It's not "our" choice but the call of the Universe! Time changes, moves forward as does Life. The choice remains do we sit by and do nothing while time and Life pas us by? Or do "we" live Life in each moment, taking nothing for granted and make the most out of all life has to offer and at "our end of time - say happily - "I ENJOYED THE RIDE!" Live Life!


Sherry is a single mother of three, and avid dog lover, and loves to paint flamingos and put them onto greeting cards.