On Chance

It was a losing gamble from the first, perhaps. Dapple-blinded by sunshine-off-the-river-love and the hope of real happiness, you took the leap and left all that was security and trust and safety, swiped it away with a clean right hook and ran. Even knowing the slenderness, the one-in-a-million lottery odds, the deck stacked against you. All for the single chance of more weeks like that one in the sun, by the ocean, that closest-to-perfect, country-song moment you've ever felt. And you fell, flat and bitter, grit in your teeth and hair--like riversand but sadder--and now here you are, beached. So when do you throw the hand, cut your losses? Where do you go from now, your heels blistered and sunk knee-deep in the suck of rivermud; where do you find hope again? 


 Poet and professional muse Joanna Suzanne Lee has never formally studied writing of any sort, though she earned her MD from the Medical College of Virginia in 2007 and a further MS in Applied Science from the College of William and Mary in 2010. Her second full-length book of poetry, "the river and the dead," is forthcoming in 2015 from unboundCONTENT. Under the big bright umbrella of “River City Poets,” Joanna coordinates poetry readings & events from Shockoe Slip to South of the James and writes semi-regularly at the-tenth-muse.com.