Explaining Love

Love isn't just a smile when you see someone,
Love isn't just a hug from a friend,
Love isn't just a call that lasts all night,
Love is something that doesn't end,
Love is a strange thing that consumes your heart and soul,
It consumes your mind,
It consumes your time,
It makes you have the strength to get off your behind,
It gives you the ability to speak like you've never spoken,
Love gives you the strength to do things you've never done,
It grants you courage to say what you've never said,
It gives you the desire to be perfect to someone,
Not just be perfect, but better than perfect,
Better than any you you could hope to be,
Better than anyone you've ever met,
Because you want to be the one for them that they are for "me",
You want to be the hope they have in the night,
The one the cling to in the mall,
The one they talk to every waking moment,
The one for whom they fall,
And fall deep into the same emotional pool that you're in,
Hoping that they'll want it to last forever like you do,
Clinging to the though that they could be your lover,
Wishing they'll say "I love you too",
But that's not all that love is,
Love also brings you fear,
It makes you second guess yourself,
And wonder if you're good enough to cause them cheer,
You wonder if you're nice enough,
You wonder if you're good at all,
You wonder if you're worth their love,
You wonder if you're the one for whom they'll fall,
You wonder every day if you'll lose them,
But then we go back to what we said before,
Love makes you do incredible things,
And those things will you love them even more.


 Phillip is in a serious relationship and in love with a girl who makes him feel all of these things. He's a Christian as well, so expect some Godly things to come soon too.