Old Timers Had Fun Too

Transcribed by Gretchen Gales

It was 1946 in Dusquene, Pennsylvania. I was ten years old. My older brother Norbert (who was twelve at the time) and I had a paper route and we were brainstorming ideas on how to deliver the newspapers since it was so hot outside. We decided to just use the family Jeep and took it for a spin around 5am. Norbert drove since he was older. We delivered the papers to the housing developments across Route 51 in style. 

Meanwhile back at home, our mother thought we had been kidnapped and called the police. Our father had been called home from work at Meadowgold Dairy. When we finally got home, the local police were waiting for us. We didn't actually get in trouble, which was amazing. The police were sympathetic about the situation and understood that we had to get the papers delivered. They decided not to charge us with anything and left. My dad left and went back to work and my mom was just relieved we were safe, but we didn't dare do it again. 


R.J. Gales currently reminisces the good ole' days and lets his granddaughter write it all down.