my body, your body, our trees

Brought to light was a sense
Of wrong, 
And time,
That I had not known deep before.
My eyes delving,
Through thin skins, scaled exteriors.

Your big knuckled hand was dangling-
When did the world unfurl for you?
Did the papery leaves present themselves hanging on the trees? 
The fragility of the stem made you ponder 
The wild abandoned connections, tendons, ligaments.

Will you look through the skin, to the bones and nerves?
Does your light reflect into prisms or 
Shine deep to aid the examination?
Are you celebrating the fanatics who designed us?
We are sublime creations of systems, roots, limbs.

I see you through the thick bark, 
It battles with the eye, allowing me only flecks of color. 
though all of your wires and insulation so apparent to my eyes. 
The work to see it all is exhausting.

Molly ToddComment