Grateful for the Ordinary

She pulls back the edge of the curtain and glances out at the day. The sky is studded with fast moving clouds. Hopefully, a bright, blue day lies ahead. She gets so much more done on a sunny day. 

After pulling on some comfortable sweat pants and a tee shirt, she makes her way downstairs and pours the usual half caffeinated cup of coffee. Taking it to the back window, she watches the bird feeders. There's a great deal of activity this morning. Several pairs of male and female cardinals, sweet Carolina chickadees, and a single robin are enjoying the variety of seed that she replenishes almost daily. Such beautiful creatures already up and industriously facing their day. She sighs and figures she'd best start working on hers too.

But nothing happens on an empty stomach. This past weekend she treated herself to fresh chicken eggs at the farmers market. Cracking one into a non stick pan, the yolk is full and a brilliant orange color. The sign of a happy, free range chicken. Washed down with a glass of almond milk and then it's time to take the dog for a quick walk.

These are the routine and yet, marvelous steps of each day. Finding beauty in the sky, the birds, the color of an egg yolk... This day may be much like the others before it but it is still a wondrous gift, a present to be opened and enjoyed no matter what it holds.


Retired, recovering, happy to be alive and able to enjoy the miracles of nature all around me.


Cindy AndrewsComment