I do not comprehend the things you say. Because this stage that I am upon does not play out that way. Each note my unsavory voice cast is only echoed in this second of the hour glass. My strength has been measured like a camel treading through months of countless sand only to find there is no dead end. Either I am at that point where the electron is fired and the constellation’s star showers imagination on the toddler’s eye. Or at the exact time Helen Keller discovers the life she sees is the one that can’t be shared. I’m at the iceberg which found its way to Africa and is ecstatic to be adventurous only to be entrapped in smothering heat that erodes it to death. Where at the coast line a girl is bathing in the cool winds off of it for a mere time only to return to her unordered nation. I am that mighty stone that killed Goliath the warrior but also the friend, father and citizen killer.


Karl lives by his own rules. Because if he doesn't, he's not really living.