Some Notes on the Drive to Atlanta, Part 1

Heading to Atlanta to pass off the kids to their grandparents for a couple of weeks.  Up and back in one weekend.  On paper the plan worked.  I forgot to bring music in the car so it was the radio all the way.

Hotel California
Rocket Man

 Between Petersburg and Raleigh it's nothing but woods and lakes.  You know in 28 Days Later when they leave the city to get away from the zombies and the Dad gets a drop of zombie blood in his eye and tells his daughter he loves her before he transforms and tries to eat her face off?  It's like that.

Night Moves
Magic Man

Then right before Durham, I-85 makes a sharp right turn, which is weird for a major highway, and after you make this turn all the DJs twang harder than you've ever heard in your life.  I always thought the Research Triangle was some sort of university or something but what they actually do is experiment on the English language. And right after Eddie Money, we hear the DJ use the word "pootenist" as in "I got the pootenist dawg in the whole wide world."  And here was where I witnessed the genius of the Triangle.  My son Calvin who thinks Language Arts is a politically correct way of saying The Man has his foot on my head and is keeping me down, sits up, rubs his eyes and says, "I bet (our dog) Reese is pootener."

Keep On Loving You
The Stop Children What's That Sound Everybody Look What's Going Down song

DJ #1:  You know why you should never go out with a woman you meet at a laundry mat?

DJ #2:  Cause if she can't afford a washer, she's not going to be able to support you?

DJ #1:  Naw, man.  She'll SMELL like clean laundry.

Grace:  I'm offended, Daddy.  Turn it.

Gold Dust Woman
The other Eddie Money song 
Lying Eyes

Grace:  Daddy, what does “the cheatin’ side of town” mean?

 I thought she'd be married before this question came up.  

Me:  You know like twin cities – Dallas Ft. Worth, Minnepolis-St. Paul, Champaign-Urbana.  Like two cities in one.  (Lame, I know.)  Oh look.  A Hampton Inn!

The next morning I want to be on the road by no later than 7:00 so both kids piss me off, separately, of course. I now know what it's like to watch someone take 40 minutes to eat a waffle.

Armageddon It
Some Whitesnake Song

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Two weeks after Jeter moved to Richmond he decided to leave. That was 21 years ago. The Richmond Vortex is strong. He has taken classes with Valley.