The Roommate and the Sports Bra

It was October of my freshman year. I had just met her a few short weeks before. We were getting along for the most part. There were a few things she did that annoyed me, but that’s how it goes when living in a 15x15 space with someone else. She was trying out for softball so she would come back dirty, but hey, that’s part of the sport. Then one day this girl that I hardly knew and thrown together with came back from her practice all sweaty. She takes off her bra and puts it on top of the AC unit to dry and the first thing that pops out of my mouth is, “Oh, HELL NO.”

She looks at me like I’m the one that has committed the crime.“What’s the matter?” she says to me.

As usual I get straight to the point, because what’s the point in dancing around a bush when it’s also my room? “I don’t want to smell you’re nasty ass sports bra sweat, take it off the AC unit and wash it like a normal person.”

“It’s my only one though, if I wash it then it won’t be dry in time for practice tomorrow.”

Now I’m not into sports or anything, but even I know you should always have more than one bra to practice in, because boob sweat, duh. “I don’t care, after this many years of playing softball you should have more than one practice bra.”

In the end she didn't move her bra, so when she went into the bathroom, what was I to do but to throw it out of the window from our third floor room?