Black Friday Pool Noodle Jousting

It was last year's Black Friday. As usual I went with my friends Karl, Ida, and Marie to scout out stampedes and good deals (hey, we're college students). After almost eight hours of shopping, we were waiting around for Barnes and Noble to open. We stopped in Lowe's for a bit to pass the time. Ida pushed us around on a flatbed cart weaving throughout the aisles until we got into the gardening section. She carted us outside and we passed a box of neon pool noodles. I reached up for one and exclaimed "Aw I love these things!" 

At the same moment Ida spotted another abandoned flatbed.

"Guys," she began.


"...pool noodle jousting."

I stayed on the original flatbed while Marie and Karl went to the other side. Ida backed us up to the fountains and flower pots while Karl and Marie were parked near the evergreens. 

I raised the blue noodle and pointed it towards the opposing team. At the count of three the flatbeds gained momentum. The wind had picked up and my hair whipped in the wind, blocking my vision, but not long enough to whack a human piñata.

We valiantly whacked each other with floppy foam pool toys. After nearly crashing, we decided to retire the flatbeds and head back inside. 

It was then that we noticed the security cameras and all came to the conclusion that someone that is  more than likely underpaid had to watch footage of two twenty year-olds and two nineteen year-olds whack each other with pool noodles on rusty flatbed carts for a good fifteen minutes.