The Three of Us on the Way to School

Calvin not looking up from his Nintendo DS: Wow! Ever since my Pikachu and Golden Duck fell in love they've been making a ton of eggs!

Me: Well that's usually how it starts and then.....which one is the girl?

Calvin: Pikachu.

Me: And then Pikachu will get bored of the whole thing and then you'll get fewer and fewer eggs and then one year all the Golden Duck will get for his birthday is a cake and then you'll know it's over.

Calvin: What am I going to do if they all hatch?

Me: That's the problem with eggs. They hatch. When you get a little older we are going to talk about protecting yourself from making eggs.

Calvin: Whatever.

Me: Not whatever. Remember when I was in graduate school and trying to be a Dad at the same time? I lost my mind. That's what will happen to you if you hatch eggs before you are finished with college.

Calvin: Dad, it's okay because they only hatch on one side of the bridge. I'll just leave them on the other side.

Me: Yeah but sometimes they get across when you're not careful. You should never hatch an egg before your 30th birthday and you have ten stamps in your passport. It's a Jeter family rule. Do you hear what I'm saying?

Long pause.

Me: do you get them to fall in love?

Calvin: You just click on their heart.

Me: Really? That seems easy. 

Grace: What are you guys talking about?

Calvin: I have no idea.


Two weeks after Jeter moved to Richmond he decided to leave. That was 21 years ago. The Richmond Vortex is strong. He has taken classes with Valley.