I was in a small city 500 miles from home, yet somehow this was home now. A new apartment in a old building, and a cool neighborhood to explore... The Rivah, Buddy's, an amazing job I couldn't believe I had landed. It was physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging for me. A new love. True Love? He didn't think so. It was all so foreign, exciting, terrifying. And God gave me Maggie.

I have two busy baby girls and as a newly minted stay-at-home mom I was wading through the thickness of time. Feeding to feeding, nap to nap, diapers, meals, play time. My young husband quit his moderately ok job to start his own company. I learned of a nephew that was on his way into this world with a heart that was not strong enough to support his little body. It was all so depressing, I was helpless and scared. And God gave me Doggie.

Middle age is rapidly approaching. I have developed a deep curiosity about the physical and mental limits we set for ourselves...and each other. I feel a resolve to help these tweenaged girls learn from my mistakes and my successes. I have taken on the journey of recovery. My husband and I are trying to untangle the mystery of happily ever after and the evolving definition of true love. I feel insecure, unsure and hopeful. And God gave me Joe.


I have never written a damn thing before now. I can never find my keys, often neglect the things I have volunteered for, and always feel better when I am moving my body.
SAHM and seekers to three beauties, two dogs and one true love.