Well, it started as procrastination....

I am a lazy procrastinator. I have a busy life, but when ever I get the chance, I sit on my butt and do nothing. The only thing that keeps working is my mind, and that never stops. It nags me about my weight, my relationship with my husband, my dirty laundry, my bad habits, my lack of exercise, and on and on and on. 

My procrastination habit has been life long, starting when I was just a child. I do believe I was paralyzed with fear at some point, being raised in a traditional Irish Catholic/alcoholic home. I remember laying on the couch, unable to move, with a roaring noise in my ears. It's the truth.

Those days are gone, but I do love to still lay on the couch and do nothing.
In between the down time, I have accomplished some things. While down, I managed to get pregnant four times. So I have raised children. Standing up. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. Not online college either. 

I have a career I adore, it helps marginalized populations (um, homeless, substance abusers, felons, etc) get their shit together. I can organize my time at work, manage to have all my kids, the wives, the husbands, grandchildren, friends over for dinner and clean up the mess, but eventually, I'm back on the couch.


I like to write, but I keep putting it off....
I don't really understand links, however if you go to OAR of Richmond there should be a story I wrote about a kid I found who was a missing person in NY state. wait a few days for that. the new newsletter isn't out yet

I also had an "In my shoes" published last July because I was annoyed my sons never called me.

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