Marco Polo

I quit counting how many times I moved at 42. Most of the moves I made myself after I was 18 and I didn't know where home was.

Julia and I hadn't seen each other for over 35 years and had lost touch. I reconnected with her family when I moved to Cape Cod, some 33 years ago. The city of Boston had evicted me and I was homeless again. It was good to see familiar faces; my friend from grade school had married her older brother, James, and invited me to live there while I got on my feet. Younger brother, Andy, was there, too. Julia was not.

We finally found each other again via the interwebs, we began delving into our lives long past and spoke on the phone when her schedule permitted. In less than a years’ time, we caught up to today faster than the years had flown. Her latest adventure as a trucker gave us a damn good reason for her to visit me. We spoke so many times while she went to every state along I-95 Richmond to Maine, then PA, OH, IN, IL, WV, KY, TN, TX, NE, CO, MO... We talked for hours at a time. Talking through rain, snow, and tornadoes - At dinner when she was pulled over making spicy Chinese chicken with basamati, edamame, broccoli and cauliflower. We'd decided we were getting married, we'd share our husbands (Bill Nye was hers, I forget who mine is) and our real life girlfriends. Plans were hatched and dashed, then signed and sealed; she would deliver herself to my current city of 25 years, Richmond.

Julia calls and says she's here, where to park the truck? We figure she's a block away, I said we'd find each other - just start walking (that’s how it’s always worked!) and she said just Say My Name. Yes! I remembered the street kid version of Marco Polo we used to commit, audio assault. I run out and yell "JOOLIA! JOOOOLIA!" down the middle of the street (some things never change)and I hear the echo "Sandini Sarducci!" (her nickname for me). 

Running, we catapult into each others arms and in that 5 minute, 35 year-waiting, 17 year old hug, I knew. With no uncertainty, I had found where home has been all along and it was unconditional love.

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