Cars of Value

I am borrowing a car – a 2015 Suburu Forester. A friend generously offered it to me for use while she is out of town. I start the keyless car and drive down Monument Avenue fascinated with all the gadgets. I play with the XM radio, searching for a perfect ‘rainy day’ tune amid hundreds of choices. I turn the temperature dial in search of a perfect atmosphere for the perfect song. Other things are not so obvious. How does the seat move up? The steering wheel? My eyes glance back at the road and then return to figure out the inside of this vehicle. I eventually raise the seat. I give up on the steering wheel once I notice the roof that slides back to reveal a huge window above me. How cool is that?

I arrive at the corner of Robinson and begin to take my left. My eyes glance back up and register a car in the on-coming lane I had not previously seen. How did I miss that? The car is incredibly close, but they have noticed me. They have slowed to let me make my inattentive left. I sheepishly finish my turn, and it strikes as the plainest of insights - I’m driving! 

How have I forgotten to pay attention to the most basic aspect of reality? There is a journey, it has lots of neighbors, and they are in major trouble (as am I) if I keep my eyes on finding just the right atmosphere, lighting, and soundtrack.

I arrive at the Starbucks on North Robinson. I walk in, press my thumb to the iPhone, and scroll through a few apps – news, weather, stocks. 

“Welcome to Starbucks! How are you?” the voice warmly asks from behind the counter, and I decide I am not the kind of friend who should be driving cars of value.


 Bobby has taken classes with Valley.