The Day My Life Changed

The walls were plastered with everything babies. Pictures, prenatal vitamin options, rattle and bottle stick-ons. The rubber navy blue hospital chair clung to my legs from the sizzling June heat. I really wanted to get out of there. 

All I could think about was my father, TheOlander Rose. My breathing quickened and chest fluttered as I thought about the last thing I said to him. I couldn’t remember because it wasn’t memorable. No deep conversation or powerful I love you. Probably just an “I’ll see you tomorrow, dad.” If I had known yesterday would be the last time I could say anything to him I would have definitely made it count. 

The doctor knocked on the door awakening me from my thoughts. “Lay down and pull up your shirt.” Bastard, I thought as I obeyed his command. To me he resembled the Grinch. From his tiny little nose, to his beard and mustache sticking out in every angle, to his unfriendly attitude. He swiftly squirted the subzero liquid onto my six month old round tank belly and I squirmed deeper into the chair. After what seemed like forever and the Grinch still not saying anything, I asked him if everything was okay. He still didn’t respond. I could feel my heart sliver down from my chest and start to beat in my toenails. Without even looking in my direction he told me that my baby was in distress and I had to be prepped for an emergency caesarian section. God dammit. 

I quickly pulled down my shirt and jumped off the chair. My legs stung from the sweat making me stick to it. I told the doctor to excuse me as I had to get something from my car and I all but ran out of the hospital to get away. No way was I delivering a child today. I still had 3 more months to prepare for this baby I never even wanted. But before I could even get my keys into the ignition I saw two orderlies in my rearview mirror coming to get me. I was caught. 

Less than one hour later I was laying on crisp white in a colorful hospital room surrounded by all my family and friends. In my arms was the smallest most adorable little chocolate milk dude I had ever seen. Weighing in at three pounds and six ounces, The’Ander was born and whether I was prepared or not, my life had changed forever.