We were a family of 3 now

We were a family of 3 now

first Christmas since the divorce
Mom, Brent and I took a plane
with Grandma Stella from Fargo, 
North Dakota to visit my Aunt Jeanne
in El Paso, Texas.

Christmas in Texas – surreal.
No snow, instead fairy lights
on cacti. Luminarias – 
candles flickered in paper bags
that lined desert driveways.

Those flames – so beautiful, and yet –
wouldn’t one whisper of wind
start a blaze? End it all?
We were a family of 3 now.
Christmas in Texas – surreal.


New Hope, Minnesota  

Jennifer Hernandez lives in the Minneapolis area where she teaches middle school, wrangles three sons and writes for her sanity. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Talking Stick, Mothers Always Write, Silver Birch Press, and elsewhere. She credits these high school trips to El Paso and subsequent jaunts across the border into Ciudad Juarez with jumpstarting her lifelong love of international travel.