I hate that my life runs in circles. An obsessive circle of thoughts, wants, impulses, happy, sad, nervous, thinking more, obsessing, happy, sad, nervous.... I make up thoughts and circle them in my head, whip them through my brain, dig into my body and crumble my concentration. Dumb little things I can't let go but I wish they would. I often think the reason I do the things I do is a desperate attempt to get out my circle. The circle that rules my life. 

Maybe if I just say my made up thoughts out loud it will break the circle -- I know it won't. I can slow down the circle but I can't make it stop.

I hate circles. Circles are the ugliest shape. 
Some people think circles are great. The circle of life. Perfectly symmetric. 2 Pi R. 
But I'm here to say that I much prefer lines, vectors; something that moves forward and never goes back. Its mathematically impossible to move back on a vector. One single vector moving into space. 

Those thoughts could never invade me again. I could chose to leave you behind and thats where you would stay. At vector = (6,11,2015). I'd much rather live a life like a spear: quick, sharp and decided. Moving through space and time knowing exactly where I'm heading. Moving neatly, constantly, and always forward.


Washington D.C.

A vector enthusiast.