My Old Friends

I picked up a book again. I started the heavy novel last year. I have only read half of it. I am so ashamed. Books used to be my home. Books used to put me to sleep every night and even wake me up in the morning. I used to want to write books myself. I hardly write these days. I miss my old friends, words. 

As I read “I Am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe, I’m taken back to my college years as a bouncing, bold, and totally blind teenager. Life was pretty messy then, behind all my “A”s and packed social, extracurricular, and academic schedules. An 18-credit semester will help you plow over any personal problems you might have. The times I spent disappearing in books or typing long-form essays carried me through college. They were assignments, but they were saviors. I willingly read everything and wrote every amount of a word-count requirement. 

Wolfe chronicles the entry of a small town girl into the jaws of a college that is a very close reproduction of Duke University. She is both mesmerized by the boys and parties while obsessed with being the perfect pupil. I didn’t step into collegiate life quite as green as miss Charlotte, but I understand this girl, even 10 years after I moved into my freshman dorm room. 

I haven’t finished the book. I don’t know how she gets out to the other side. When she does, will she still pick up her books?


Richmond, Va

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