"Night Falls"

The moon. The stars. There are innumerable stories and pieces of writing pondering the beauty of the night time time sky. One of the most common phrases used is how the night “falls” upon us. 

So many authors in the present and past have used that phrase, as if the night is summoned by the moon or something. Well, when you live in a world where buildings stand empty, doorways gape open like mouths to another dark dimensions and the sun starts to fall, you find out quickly that night rises. It rises from doorways, it rises from under the furniture and climbs up the walls. It rises from behind buildings until the shadows finally reach the sky and the darkness is complete.

And when it rises, it’s a subtle shift, but the most substantial and impactful shift of the entire day. Transforming our world from a place of clarity and light, to shadows and dark. It becomes a world unto itself.


Petersburg, VA