Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I am amused by how indecisive I am on Sunday mornings... when should I get up, and what should I do then? Should I eat breakfast first, maybe do some yoga? I'm hungry, but I don't have pants on...and it seems more efficient to take the T shirt off and shower and THEN put on a shirt AND parts before cooking breakfast...though maybe the premise that cooking breakfast requires pants is flawed in the first place?

If I'm going to do yoga in my living room, then that should definitely involve pants because the guy whose apartment window is across the street from mine is a friend of a friend and so...pants. It should probably happen after breakfast but before showering...unless I'm going to put it off until I'm safely ensconced back in the apartment for the rest of the day and won't require a post-workout-look-presentable shower. I do what I can to avoid multiple showers in one day, though I'm not particularly sure why...just seems inefficient to take two, I suppose.

Beyond all that, what should I eat for breakfast? Sausage and eggs and grapefruit juice tend to be my go-to menu items, but it's later than usual, and I don't have to worry about bothering the neighbors with the sound of the maybe a smoothie would be nice? Or a meal replacement shake? Or maybe just a banana and some yogurt?

You'd probably be easier just to stay in bed in the first place.


Richmond, VA