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I see you standing in a room in a house on a street and you're listening to the sea touching the sky and you're looking at all of your beautiful things, the birds, the sand, oil unmixed on the water and I take your hand like no one can and I take your photo like everybody else and when we dance we do it double time watching the waves roll off or more often out and you've read my mind before I had a chance and the book I wrote that night we kissed and you lick your lips and I see you lying in a room in a house I own of my design and all the corners are mine or were they yours because it's about time everything's about time and this time there's a tear in your eye and maybe you'd like to leave but I’ve left you there or maybe you want to connect but I’ve split you in two right between the eyes.


 Pau, France


Ben Lewissea, the past, loveComment