What's the point?

I just read the guidelines for submitting a piece to this ten minute thingy maggigy and I saw that one of the requirements for submitting a piece is to not be sexist, racist, or offensive in any way. My response is, so what is the point? My understanding of this essay submission is for people to express their deepest feelings. And I say this with all respect, but if people's deepest feelings are to express homophobia racism, etc, etc, than how will they express what they want to say. By that later sentence, the guidelines have already told possible authors that if they want to express something, they have to think about it and be very careful. I though the point was not to think and reveal your true self? And here is the problem. For a lot of people being homophobia and racist is their true self. How can we ever know the reasons for which they feel like this if they never express it? A homophobic who opens up completely about his fears against gay people can give us the slight tinge of being somebody who is insecure about their homosexuality or possibly somebody who was abused when he was little, or somebody who's abuse came from the pastor who told him that gay people are bad. Wouldn't it be better in all these cases for the person to simply tell us the reason for which they feel this way? Now that I am to a certain extent defending the right of a homophobic to express himself, I feel like I have a sudden sense to censure myself. But, again, it is not right. Because part of writing involves knowing the truest deepest thoughts of other human beings in order to understand them better. We can never understand the problem if we don't hear out the sickness. This is the problem today in day with our culture and humanities in general, people are too scared to express what they want to express. In other times, those of us who weren't homophobes would have been chastised or auto censored because of the fear that it wouldn’t be socially acceptable to defend gay people. It's funny how we see books that would otherwise not harm anybody go unto the forbidden reading books list jut because they contain references to mythology that a large majority of students and adults are aware can have no real effect on our lives. Or when books with real issues are place on that list, such as to Kill A Mockingbird, we run a bigger risk of shutting down the uglier part of our society, and in this manner make it invisible where it is not possible to denounce, condemn, or even analyze. I don't know what kind of world you or I want to live in. I want to live somewhere where people can come straight up to me and tell me the truth. If they look at me and see a wetback Mexican who shouldn’t be living in the country, they should look at me and straight up say it instead of calling me nice names because they want to be respectful and accepted with society instead of being who they truly are. In the end, wouldn't society win more by calling him expressing such names against me? Now that I'm writing I realize that I have started thinking logically, when the essay told me not to think logically.


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