Nothing More to Think

I am thinking. Have been thinking all day. Thinking of nothing much, but thinking anyway. Such were his thoughts as as he tripped on a stone that lay in the way.

Oooooh !!!!!! 

That hurt, he thinks and bends down to pick it up. The stone holds no real interest to him and he hurls it away to a distant spot , as if he cannot bear the thought of it hurting him again. 

And he moves along, thinking. 

This time it is not a stone that he trips over but there!.. A beautiful pussy cat meows in surprise that it's sleep has been broken He has tumbled upon a soft fur of sleep that springs into action,stares at him, licks it's tail and curls back to sleep. 

Trivandrum, Kerala India

I, Dr. Mary Annie A.V. writes under the pen name Anna Maria. 
I do not blog, but am on Facebook : writing poems, sharing the songs I love etc etc... whenever I can.