The Visit

My cousin and I decide what to wear to the mall.
Her two younger brothers argue in the background.
I haven't seen them in a while.
My mom and aunt are out shopping for groceries-family dinner later. 
A commotion downstairs. 
Dad and Uncle are yelling. 
What's going on?
We all run down the stairs. 
My uncle is on the phone. 
He's angry. 
Dad's angry.
What's going on?
No one tells us. 
A whisper somewhere,
"It's Zach." 
My cousin is crying.
I hug her. 
Aunt and Mom pull into the driveway.
We all go outside.
What's going on?
My uncle goes up to his wife.
A mother's cry. 
She falls to the ground, defeated. 
She screams.
I know the answer but shout, "What's going on?"
My cousin is dead.


Wentzville, MO