Untitled are my emotions,
unscathed my thoughts,
disturbed, tainted, torn.
Damp my feelings, 
filled... overflowing—
red with rage.
Shivering from the cold,
a frostbite of a mood.
Fire in my tongue,
sex on my lips,
a damaged excuse for a lie.
A sleeping dragon,
a pitied stare, 
a moment’s breath taken away.
Pulls on the chords of my heart,
strums my ecstasy along,
weaves through the sentiments of a libido dead.
The energy dies, fades, stops,
a force beckons and I long to pull the rope, 
lengthen the noose, 
build on a dream— reality lost.
Falters, beats faster, a love forever gone, time has won.
Days gone by, and the more you try, the more lost the titles are.



GRAVITY is a Jamaican poet, writer, motivator and dub artist. She is a girl who believes that words hold everything together and so she writes, to express, comment and simply add to life's grandeur. You can check out my blog @gervannastephens.wordpress.com