I am so often distracted, not living in the moment. But, this morning, when I took my dog for a walk, I was right there in the golden light of autumn. I stepped out my front door and felt infused with light. The trees were shimmering as the sun shone through the reds, golds, and oranges of the dying leave.

"I wonder if this will be what it's like for us as we are dying?", I said to my husband, my walking companion. Autumn is my favorite season because of this quality of the Light that feels holy, divine. But I know what comes next so there is also an element of dread.

As I drove to my writing class, Dick Van Dyke was about to come on the Diane Ream show to talk about his book on re-defining aging. I was so with him on that! Despite evidence to the contrary, I could not possibly be old - at least not old like my mother and grandparents were at my age.

My sensible shoes are cute.

My hair is not tightly permed and dyed some weird color.

I do not drive for ten minutes to find a parking place so I don't have to walk for five.

I get on the floor, play in the ocean and climb the lighthouse stairs with my grandkids.

But, then, there is the trip to CVS today to secretly check out the Depends aisle.


Richmond, VA