She Was Oddly Just Like Me

Luna was the kind of teen who got easily lost in her emotions and her daydreams. A stormy night full of thunder would nearly kill her, for it was far too fear-inducing, but she prefers rain to sunshine. Luna is that quiet girl, sitting alone, but in the middle of the room, dressed in black as if she were attempting to hide away in the shadows. Luna has "friends," yes, but they betray her, make fun of her, judge her for being herself. She is a writer, but she shows her writing to... really, no one. However, with Luna, you could tell just by becoming acquainted with her that she could compile a bestselling book of sonnets and tragedies with little to no effort. 

Luna is frightened of being left alone. She craves the bittersweet taste of death that lingers on the tip of her tongue; she had tried to taste it before. She really tried. But, interestingly enough, the demons she remains weak against where what stopped her. These demons disguised as angels of light that brought her up to believe that all of her choices were wrong. That is why Luna swims. Not in a pool, not in a lake, not in the ocean. She basks in the rain and swims in the flood created by both the water from the sky and the water that flows endlessly from her eyes. Her tears alone flooded her bedroom, where she wept to conceal her weakness.

Luna, however... is also a bright, beautiful young girl.

Yes. She has the strength of the legend Sampson and the heart of a courageous lion.

(... With that heart, she also received a lifetime ban from the San Diego Zoo.)


Henrico, VA

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