Yet to Be

Wait a second I say.

He stares at me frowning. What the heck! 

I can see his dislike the irritation that hangs like a cloud always around the two of us when we are alone. With the others around,we are at our best.We hold our smiles,look into each other's eyes and turn away at the right moment making others around feel jealous if not love lost. 

I bend down and pretend to wipe away an imaginary speck of dust from his boots. He has a yen for these boots, brown and leathery and stylish, a speck of dust imaginary or not would be fatal in the decisions we make today, the people we are to meet. 

There I say, done and smile impishly at him, even though I know that it makes no difference to him if I smile cry or grunt. Not anymore. 

And me? It helps me to know it irritated him.I love it.The way it slices through him and comes out without any particular zing to it. 

He barely looks at me again as he walks long legged opens the door of the car and seats himself,waiting for me to follow. 

For a minute I hesitate,and then I turn my back on him, his car and the boots he loves so much, and run down the slopes, laughing loud, all the time... 

The best, as they say, is yet to be....



Me, Dr. Mary Annie A.V. writes under the pen name Anna Maria. 
I do not blog, but am on facebook : writing poems,sharing the songs I love etc etc... whenever I can.

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