Outside In

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day than to hang out with my niece, Avery. A game starts as soon as she appears. There is no gloom or doom in that child. Suns are made from her smiles, her laughs, and her classy one-liners.

“Your car smells like Joe,” she said as common and straight forward as an adult would, except with more traces of honesty. 

I’m caught off-guard by these Averyisms. Yogi Berra would be proud.

I took the little lady to a movie I knew she’d enjoy for at least half the run-time. She’s always afraid of losing time, plenty of which was spent spilling popcorn, candy, and emptying the contents of my wallet. If you want to eat at a movie theater, you have to do it right and spill the first snack onto the floor and definitely not finish the second one.

I love watching a movie when no one else is there. We can talk about the film and not bother anyone. Additionally, Avery wants to talk regardless of other people, which were present. Her whispers are set to eleven. 

“Time for games,” she said, apparently unaware she never stopped playing. The movie done, our quest now took us to the arcade.


St. Peters, MO

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