A Real Simple Request

Women’s magazines, especially those for women over 40, are always featuring stories about women re-discovering themselves.  Often it is the act of unearthing a talent, or strength, or great love which leads to a whole new career or level in her relationship.   Or maybe it is just a personal triumph, learning to let go of grief or jealousy.  It’s all really lovely and inspirational, and that is the point.  But I do wonder – what if, in reality, maybe the thing you’ve discover about yourself is not actually a good thing?

What if my “Aha” moment turns out to be NOT that I have a talent for making paper or playing the cello, but rather something hideous.   Example?   “Aha!  I am capable of vicious envy/hatred/vindictiveness.” Or “Aha! If I lose power for more than three consecutive days I become a complete basket case and there’s not enough alcohol, anywhere, to calm me down.”  

Or what if, in my Aha moment, I realize I’m completely wrong about something I thought I was completely right about, and I am rocked to my core?

Maybe someone should write an article that explains what to do then.

Sema Wray is fairly certain she will write a big fat novel some day, but for now, she is preoccupied with brevity.  You can read her (exactly) 300 word blog posts at www.semawray.com.

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