Sacred spaces: Writing + Painting As An Act Of Devotion
San Miguel de Allende
October 5-11

What do writing and painting have in common? They can both uncover layers to the self. They can both help access the source from where we acquire our energy, self-worth, creativity and spontaneity. This retreat will combine memoir writing and painting using Mexican Ex-Votos for inspiration. Instruction is designed to accommodate beginning painters and writers as well as those that make it their life’s work. In honoring the creative and spontaneous spirit, this 6-day retreat will have beautifully balanced days of painting and writing time, but also much needed exploration, observation and meditation.


Metamorphosis: Transformation
Through writing and Ritual
Sevenoaks Retreat Center
Spring 2020

Announcing our Spring 2020 retreat: join us for a four day transformation Memorial day weekend, May 22-25. Stay tuned for more details!


Unearthing: Writing from Your True Depths
Buena Vista, VA
August 9-11

We live our lives and tell our stories in layers. Every experience we endure, survive, celebrate or grieve adds sediment, rock, jewel, depth to our being. In this series of Unearthing workshops we will sift through buried memories, fragments, and dreams to find what we most need at this stage in our journey. Whether we are writing to heal, to process, or to create a longer body of work, Unearthing will give us the tools and the support we need to dig deep.