Unspoken Anthology

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Unspoken: Writers on Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth

Unspoken is a long overdue anthology, gathering the voices of over forty writers whose lives have been affected by infertility, pregnancy loss, and infant death. From the chronicle of a father’s love for his lost daughter to poetry exploring the journey of a woman supporting her wife through IVF, from the terror of losing a pregnancy to the heartbreak of twins born too early to survive, from an essay on loss across the generations of one family to the impossible choices and impossible choicelessness of modern prenatal care, the stories and poems in these pages give voice to the many heartaches of childbearing loss.

Unspoken includes the stories of non-birthing parents and family members, single and married writers, and writers of different genders, races, sexualities, and religious beliefs. Written to comfort those affected, and shared as a call to empathy for the rest of the world, this collection is an invitation to connection, where isolation has so often prevailed.

These stories are tender and precious. They are also, often, hidden away. In the name of honoring and healing, these writers have brought their stories into the light and given them voice.

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“My grandmothers, Carol and Norma”; “Whitney, for making the book happen”; “Whitney, for having the courage to share this with the world.”

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“The one who didn’t make it through”; “My sibling, my babies, and my grandbaby who did not live into this life, with much love and affection.”



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WHITNEY ROBERTS HILL is a writer, editor, teacher, and cardmaker. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in Streetlight Magazine, Life in 10 Minutes, Nanny Magazine, The Mighty, Jars of Wine, and more. Whitney was named The Woman Inc. Magazine’s Emerging Poet in 2019.

She is a reviewer for the American Book Review, a former editorial assistant at Qu Literary Magazine, and an MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte where she is working on a short story collection, and a semi-autobiographical novel entitled Leda.

Whitney lives in Richmond, Virginia with her beloved husband; she is the mother of a child that she never got to meet.

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ELIZABETH FERRIS is the Executive Editor of Life in 10 Minutes Press. She writes regularly for Richmond magazine and leads writing workshops for children and adults throughout Richmond, including her popular workshop (Un)Well: Writing About Disease and Mental Illness. She is an MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte.


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