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a star fades away

much like a melting snowflake

returning to mist


in the spirit realm

floating pieces of stardust

wait to be reborn


God’s breath becomes mist

forming life on a mountain

apelet cries for milk

“Traveling the RiveR vibrates with warmth, wisdom, and a deep sense of place rooted in the Virginia landscape. It’s a book about STRONG Roots, New Beginnings, and the Timeless Redemptive Power Of Art, Language, and the Natural world.”

- L10 Press Editorial Team

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HOPE WHITBY is a poet, fiction writer, and haiku aficionado.  She is the creator of Art in the Shop and Books in the Bay book club supporting the local Richmond art scene since 2012. 

Hope has received awards for her poetry from the Virginia Poetry Society and Richmond magazine.  She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her Chihuahua, Princess. 


Petersburg, Virginia-based artist LISA MISTRY is creating original artwork for the cover of Traveling the River

Lisa is using lino-carving to make an original block print for the cover representing the Nottoway River in Virginia, where Hope canoed with her father as a child. Lisa’s choice of block printing, a traditional East Asian method, reflects her Japanese heritage as well as Hope’s passion for Haiku, the Japanese poetry form.

All copies of Traveling the River will feature Lisa’s beautiful artwork on the cover.


Lisa at work on the cover in her studio.

Lisa at work on the cover in her studio.

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