Valley has found a way of teaching writing that gets to the soul of what writing can be: self-exploration, self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love. She creates an intensely safe space for students to write anything and everything, for them to spill their guts, then she compassionately puts everything back inside their skin so they can take their next breath. It’s an intense, exhilarating experience that is about much more than writing. It is about getting through life with authenticity, courage, and love.
— Susan Singer: Artist and activist

I had heard wonderful things about Valley’s workshops from friends, friends of friends, strangers on the internet. They were all right. I laughed, I cried, words I wasn’t expecting poured from my mind onto the page. I was somehow both completely safe and utterly vulnerable in a roomful of strangers turned intimates in just three hours.
— Ashley Hawkins: Momma to Max and Zoey, Partner to Jay, co-founder and Executive Director, Studio Two Three

I’ve been an angsty writer for years, beating myself up for not writing more. Valley’s class has helped me let go of that and just write. It’s been wonderful to write and share every week with others and see us all get more limber on the page and in our minds. We all have grief in our minds (some fresh, some decades old), and Life in 10 Minutes has helped me lance some of those old wounds that are festering and getting in the way of letting me clearly see my own stories. It’s taught me how to get unstuck in my brain and on the page. I think of the Life in 10 Minutes class as the most valuable two hours of my week.
— Adrienne Minock: writer, librarian, semi-reformed procrastinator

Life in 10 Minutes has been the key to getting my stories out of my head and onto the page. The gentle discipline of showing up for class, the positive feedback from Valley, the community with other writers on the same journey of discovery make it work. Thanks to Valley I have created a legacy for my family and gained personal insights regarding who I am, where I came from and how I got here.
— Ray Ryan: retired, a Grandpa, and thankful for each day

Life In 10 Minutes was a crash-course in writing compelling, strong personal stories. Although I’m already a professional writer, I gained new skills in class that I’ve been able to bring into my daily work. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who enjoys writing.
— David Streever: RVA Mag Editor-in-Chief

While not meant to replace traditional therapy, as Valley reminded us in one of my first classes, Life in 10 Minutes is as much a therapeutic experience as it is a creative workshop. It’s a haven for writers of all styles, personalities, and degrees of practice. As a person devoted to self expression in all its forms, I was surprised and pleased to discover in Life in 10 Minutes an experience that was entirely new.
— Alison Miller: Owner of Taboo, Partner at Pipe it Up Pickles, Doing Who Knows What at

Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for writing with Valley. Actually, that’s a lie. Everything you have experienced is exactly the preparation you need. You will be amazed at how a group of strangers writing together once a week can plumb the depths of the human condition. I know I was. So if you’re a writer, join in. If you’ve always wanted to write, sign up now.
— Joel Morgan: Performance Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Pastor, Author

A few years ago, I was in a terrible rut; I needed a writing boost. I had heard of the Life in Ten Minutes courses with Valley Haggard, so I signed up on a whim. This whim changed my writing, my world view, my self esteem, my life. Under Valley’s gentle, but honest, feedback, and in ten minute writing increments, I produced what became a solid draft of a memoir. Valley helps you mine your darkness, light, hopes, fears, loves, and losses, and will help you turn those moments into writing gold. The tight-knit community that she builds is like no other-and I have been involved in writing communities for decades. The room vibrates with the bravery of writers who feel safe enough to tell the hard stories. When you write for Valley, you cannot help but write your best words. She expects nothing less.
— Dr. Cindy Cunningham: Poet, Grandmother, Memoirist, PHD
I had not written anything intentional in a long time, and didn’t know where to begin with my writing. I signed up for one of Valley’s creative nonfiction workshops hoping to gain a little forward momentum. Her class helped me start writing again with thought and purpose. Just getting words on paper restored my confidence as a writer. Valley gives feedback in a constructive and positive way, and the other participants just listen. That takes a lot of pressure off when you are sharing your work publicly! I use some of the tools that Valley gave me every day when I sit down to the computer to write for my show.
— Paige Goodpasture: Radio talk show producer
Please, please, please do yourself a favor. DO NOT take Valley Haggard’s classes. You’ll become addicted. Valley will draw depths of creativity from your soul, fill you with happiness over your writing and encourage you write more. You’ll leave feeling energized and mentally competent. The minor pleasures you once gleaned from playing the martyr and feeling sorry for yourself will fade away. Your spirit will soar. Your brain will have to shift gears from plodding and piddling to building and developing. This kind of change is probably too much for you. So, no, don’t sign up for Valley’s class. Leave more room for me.
— Kathleen Ryder, Esq.: Lawyer
In Valley’s classes, I experience no shaming, no limits, and no grading on a curve. I further experience Valley’s undivided attention, exquisite clear listening, and I experience her as a friend to my creativity.
— Guy Frank: aka His Royal Guyness is a humble proud man of unknown ancestry
I recently took a creative non-fiction class with Valley. I loved the process of writing through the use of Valley’s prompts and was surprised at the depth of what came forth. Although I have no plans to become “a writer”, I loved the class so much that I’m taking another one that begins next week. I’m also working on ways to use the writing exercises with my psychotherapy clients, as I believe it will help them tell their “stories” and experience themselves in a different way.
— Susan A. Osofsky, LCSW
Valley has a unique way of encouraging writers. Her classes are delightful - there is no homework, no stress, no fear of critique. Valley hones in on the theme, the strengths, the essence of the words that her students write in 10 minute-sessions. This translates to other tasks as well - if we can be brilliant in 10 minutes, imagine what we might do with 15?
— Carol Obrochta
The first time I signed up for Valley’s class, I thought I’d treat myself just once. I didn’t understand what a life-changing addiction it would be, this writing with Valley. I found my voice, and more than that, I learned to love it, and to long to hear what it would say next, what the voices of the writers around me would say. And so, session after session, there I was, filling notebooks for the first time in my adult life, learning that ten minutes at a time is enough to write something, even something beautiful, and I can find ten minutes here and there, even with four small children at home, I can find ten minutes and I can write. And I do, but I keep signing up for the next session, too, because there’s nothing quite like the magic of writing and sharing in a group led by Valley. I know this, and my eight-year-old daughter knows this, for whom Richmond Young Writers has been just as addictive, just as life-changing, just as magical.
— Emily Gambone