Cindy Cunningham holds a BA in Psychology (with a minor in Women's Studies) from Wake Forest University, an MFA in creative writing from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a PhD in Literature from Georgia State University. She teaches Creative Writing, Composition, and Literature courses online and at the Appomattox Regional Governor's School for Arts and Technology (ARGS) in Petersburg, VA where she has served as Director of Literary Arts since 2002.  

After taking numerous L10 classes and engaging in a Women’s Writing Retreat with Valley Haggard, Cindy realized that she had the beginnings of a memoir. This cemented her faith in writing via 10 minute increments. The memoir is now in its first manuscript draft.

She thrills in hearing stories from all sorts of voices and has a special skill in finding kernels of truth within each person’s words. The Life in 10 writing space is sacred ground, a place where all are welcomed, a place where anything might happen.

Cindy writes memoir, essays, and poetry. She has published in small journals, the Nine Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology, the Life in 10 website, and has a poetry chapbook through Finishing Line Press entitled Bittersweet Swallows.  She has taught writing workshops for over two decades. You can find her on twitter @MusingsofDrC or on Facebook a


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“Cindy has both a sweet and supportive teaching style and a raw, brave way of writing her heart out. It’s been a pleasure and honor to take her class!”