Cheryl Pallant is an author, poet, dancer, healer, writing and somatics coach, and teacher. She is the author of twelve books, most recently Writing and the Body in Motion: Awakening Voice through Somatic Practice (nonfiction), Her Body Listening (poetry), and Ginseng Tango (memoir). She teaches at University of Richmond, leads workshops around the U.S. and abroad, is a certified Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner, founder of RVA Litcrawl, and co-founder of Integral Meditation Group. She likes to transform lives through creative, healing, and mindful practices.


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“Hidden deep in our muscle and bones and in every living cell of our physical selves rest unexplored imagery, metaphor, and language. Cheryl sagely guides writers to these far-away-inside-us places. She helps us gently awaken and befriend the sleeping dragon of our physical imagination.”

Gigi Amateau: Author, Come August, Come Freedom