“Writing is a way of saying you and the world have a chance.” - Richard Hugo

Grow in your craft and your confidence. This six-week series will introduce writers to craft and revision techniques to see their work in new ways and move forward with their writing goals. We’ll cover topics like voice, structure, sensory detail, and characterization in a supportive and positive environment. Writers will also have the opportunity to workshop their pieces with their classmates and instructor and receive gentle, strength-based feedback. Writers of all backgrounds are welcome. No experience necessary — just an openness and desire to learn!


Elizabeth Ferris is a managing editor for Life in 10 Minutes Press. She has edited for Vanderbilt University Press and freelance clients including journalists, educators, novelists and memoirists. When not editing, Elizabeth contributes regularly to Richmond magazine. She received a BA in English from The College of William and Mary and is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Queens University of Charlotte.




“This class has been helpful in every way. It was about editing, yes, but so much more…. I looked forward to it every week and wrote more than I have in a long time.” 

– Mary Jo

“This was my first class in creative writing in a long time, but every lesson on process that introduced a named example of a writer’s technique was so helpful…. I loved the collective dialogue that took place. I think this was a wonderful space for personal discovery as writers and of connections.” 

– Whitney

“This class was a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to listen to and learn from the brilliant Elizabeth. Her calm presence and cheerful demeanor immediately made me feel safe and reassured me that I could share my writing.” 

– Erin